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Posted on: November 23, 2010


Carson Ellis Illustration

something so eerie but calming about carson ellis’ style. love the sketchy/dramatic black line work and fine detail. love the play between simple lines and occasional shading.


Chris von Szombathy Art

despite being really odd, there’s something super comical about these cute little images. and the strange situations that for some reason, i can relate to (don’t ask)? love the undertones and social commentary.


raymond pettibon = never heard of him prior to reading this article. there’s something so californian feeling about these images – maybe just the cars in the image above? but still very summery feeling – love his colours and his whimsy script. love the way he uses words and text too.


Sacha Goldberg - Mamika - Photography

HAHAHA. is all i can say. followed by OMFG. i LOVE THIS. i love the concept, i love the execution – i love the darkness of the images and the contrast with the sillyness of the situations. super duper awesome fantabulous.


the two houston rap photoseries are the best. something really surreal and almost ghostly about some of the images. like the fact that he’s documenting outskirts of communities in a way that seems really fresh. the image above hit me first out of the post from B/D – everything about it is so in-your-face in an almost subtle (? not sure if that’s the right word) way. love.


TAPESTRY. man. i wish i had the skills that erin riley does. i love that she’s using a craft so old and established and respected and civilised to create images that push boundaries. and the detail is phenomenal. i especially love the colour blocking.


Shary Boyle - Sculpture

where can i buy this? honestly. i can imagine gift-wrapping these at xmas and giving them to my unassuming grandmother… watching her proudly display them around the house without ever really looking at them properly… oi vey. these bring kitsch and retro cool all the way back into SO-DAMN-AWESOME land.


photographer photography pao houa her

i love this so much because my immediate response was: what? the more i look at it the less i understand. i love that.


photographer photography miles coolidge montreal los angeles

this…. is much the same as the image above. HOW. HHHHHHOW?


pinups + illustration + digital colouring = love affair.


described as a public service experiment to offer people a vent for their frustrations/anger. punch me panda (nate hill) walks around taking punches, slaps, kicks and otherwise from miscellaneous members of the public. i could make good use of something like this most days…. love the fact it has been documented!!


peter beste’s photography is truly awesome. again, the whole documenting of people thing seems to be running pretty hot with me today. love that he makes everything look so posed but in an effortless way.

that’s all for now. since i am at work and all…. naughty!!

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